Bodystamps are made from special limestone with absorbent properties which ensure a vacuum exists between the stamp and the skin.

The ink remains between the stone and the skin and ensures that the edges remain sharp when the Bodystamp is applied. The stone does not have to be cleaned after each stamping.

Ink Pad

The ink pads are stamp pads filled with a patented ink, dermatologically tested and therefore suitable for almost every skin type. If you are not allergic to normal makeup, the Bodystamps ink will also not cause any problems.

The ink pad has the longest lifespan when stored upside-down in a refrigerator. Please ensure that the lid of the ink pad is firmly closed when placed in the refrigerator. The ink will remain useable for 6 months if kept in this manner.

Ink pads must remain open for as short a time as possible, so it's best to close the ink pad after inking the Bodystamp.

The ink used is waterproof, but not oil- or grease-proof. This means that you can swim or shower with a Bodystamp, but you should avoid Bodystamped areas when applying body lotion or cream to the skin and that you should not take a bath with bath oil.


Liners are bottles with a fine brush that contain the same ink as the ink pads.

They are available in different colours. You can use the liners to enhance detail of your Bodystamp or to draw extra lines. Close the bottles well after use and, preferably, keep them in the refrigerator.


These are self-adhesive glitter stones that adhere well to skin. You can quickly and easily add decoration to your Bodystamp. There are 120 white (transparent), red, blue and pink stones in one pack.