The Convenience of Bodystamps

You don't want a permanent tattoo (yet) but you do want to decorate your body quickly and easily. Then the perfect way is with Bodystamps.

Within a minute you can apply a Bodystamp and also within a minute you can remove it yourself (if you want). It can simply be part of your daily make-up routine.

Or just fun for the weekend.

You can experiment endlessly with the many designs and also with accessories such as coloured liners and rhinestones.


History of Bodystamps

The Bodystamp is a centuries-old method of self-decoration. The Maya civilisation used stones many centuries ago, as shown below, to paint themselves.

It was often used as body decoration in times of war or for worshipping their gods.

Maya Bodystamp Maya Bodystamp

It was one of the first forms of temporary tattooing. The technique and the inks are of course much better now and suitable for every skin type.